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Why We Exist

To Help People Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose & Make A Difference

Our Story

Honoring the past while being loyal to the future.

Dream City Church has been around a long time. It’s roots go all the way back to 1922 when Aimee Semple Mcpherson (Founder of Angeles Temple/Foursquare Movement) came to Whittier and held a revival meeting in a tent. A church was formed after that meeting due to so many people receiving Christ. In 1925 the pastor brought the church into the Assemblies of God Fellowship (Which is the affiliation of our church.) Our church stems from a long history of great men and women of God who have committed their lives to building the Kingdom of God. We are a church committed to reaching future generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Team

Luke Barnett

Senior Pastor

Angel Barnett

President, Dream Institute

Dave Ansell

California Lead Pastor

Whittier, California

Oscar Gil

Whittier Campus Pastor

Long Beach, California

Matt Ansell

Long Beach Campus Pastor